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For three decades the Language Exchange has linked professional interpreters and translators who contract with us to services in our region who are looking for certified linguists. Language professionals maintain their own business and we consult with them about their schedules and rates. Our office staff are experts at coordinating language professionals in our region with the demands of an ever changing population.The Language Exchange now works with interpreters for approximately seventy-five languages.

Translation is a separate profession from Interpreting, with its own department. We provide project management for translations in all industries including manufacturing and export, education, law, marketing, financial and personal documents, and manuals, warranties, contracts, workers manuals. Labeling and cut sheets for agricultural produce,  maritime product lines, personal health care products, residential and industrial appliances and products.

We stress “smart work” through technology, designing custom software programs to select linguists for services requested. We are members the American Translators Association and Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society.

The Language Exchange, Inc. began in 1986 as a one-woman enterprise. Jaye Stover earned a Bachelor of Science in linguistics from the Universidad Catolica in Quito, Ecuador and a Masters Degree in Linguistics at the  University of Washington.  Jaye also completed two years of Doctoral work at University of St. Andrews, Scotland and University of Texas, Austin before moving to Burlington, Washington.  In Burlington local county offices asked for assistance with Spanish-speaking clients.  As a result,  Jaye became certified as a Court and Social Service Interpreter in 1992 with the inception of the Washington State Certification program.

The Language Exchange has been providing fast, accurate & confidential Language services worldwide since 1986.

The Language Exchange is  located half-way between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia; a richly linguistically and culturally diverse corridor with ties to China, Japan, southeastern Asia, Russia, eastern Europe and Latin America. With funding from a variety of private and public sector entities, The Language Exchange has grown to a regional center for meeting language needs. Our connections have expanded nationally as clients discover our years of managing translation projects and unique Northwest expertise and our increasing efficiency and software development.

ram dassWe provide language services to individuals, small businesses, towns, non-profits and government agencies from our location in northwest Washington. Translation Project Managers and Interpreter Schedulers work from our office to deliver projects and services of hundreds of contracting translators and interpreters including certified medical interpreters.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Language Exchange is to continue to provide accurate and confidential language services, while maintaining high professional standards.  With over three decades of experience and service to our community, we will remain conscientious of our customers’ needs, while operating with integrity, in a reliable and responsive manner.  We will continue to work in partnership with a diverse community, striving to keep lines of communication clear.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.” — Benjamin Franklin