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Register and Cultural Appropriateness

Register and Cultural Appropriateness

SalvioSome translations miss the mark due to the translator’s lack of familiarity with the culture of the intended readers and their local language patterns and word use.  The Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services has an excellent toolkit for making written material clear and effective.

Do Clients You Serve Have Very Low Literacy Rates and Levels?

When you write your text for translation, consider Register.  Register refers to the formality, technicality and difficulty of the speech. An example of high register would be court speech.  An example of  low register would be the simplest language people use.  The following is a Register Example.

  • Original text:  “As I was driving to work in the morning, I noticed that the stop sign which used to be on the corner of Main and 1st had been removed”
  • Higher Register:  “Upon transporting myself to my place of employment in a motor vehicle at the same point in time prior to noon, I observed that the insignia which had formerly been stationed at the intersection of the thoroughfares known as Main and 1st to cause motorists to bring their vehicles to a stationary position, had been displaced.”
  • Lower Register:  “On my way to work in the morning I saw that they took out the stop sign that used to be at Main and 1st”.

If the original English text is too difficult, the translated text will probably also be too difficult.  Do you and your staff know how to present your information in less formal language?  Do you know how to “say it a different way”?

If so, submit your text to The Language Exchange at the level you would like to present your material to your particular clients/patients. If you do not know how to lower register, or don’t have time, we can engage a professional translator who can submit a lower register rendition to you before translation for your approval.  There is a fee for this valuable service. That text is then translated, proofed and finalized.

Why Should You Choose The Language Exchange for Culturally Tailored Translations?

  • We have nearly three decades of experience contracting with professional translators who create translations that are culturally appropriate and are easy for the intended readers to understand and use.
  • We partner with hundreds of  professional translators who have the necessary writing skills and cultural knowledge to the many ethnic and culture groups of the west coast.
  • Professionals translate for meaning (rather than word for word), in a culturally sensitive way.  Translation should preserve the content and meaning of the original text, with cultural and linguistic adaptations as needed, so that the translated text sounds natural and is easy for the intended readers to understand and use.
  • We have professional experienced Project Managers who guide you on translation issues.  The Project Managers will discuss the material and the audience along with providing guidance about how to translate potentially problematic concepts and terms.

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