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Bing Translator VS The Language Exchange Translator

We thought we would start our own winter Olympic games here at The Language Exchange.  The Translation Competition.  If you work in a professional setting and have thought about using Bing Translator (machine translation) for a quick project, let’s give it a try.  Why not…it’s free and quick.

Microsoft Bing Translator – Let The Games Begin

So let’s go for it!  Ok – let’s type the following into Microsoft Bing translator….


ala  mejor  viene romi ojala tengo ganas de verlos  saves  aver si este  año vemos lo de los  papeles  si dios quiere  no sabes  nada de emigración  si paso halgo todo igual  saves quisiera el divorcio  pero el marido dice q no tiene  dinero  oye hay una forma  de divorciarme  desde aca  no saves halgo de eso me gustaría saber  asi no estoy con la friega de estarle  diciendo  como estoy casada  alla y tanbien aca  q loca  verdad jajajajjajajaj cuando  bienes por aca aquí tienes  tu casa ok saludos  cuídate  saludos  al chico  ok  cuídense  hasta pronto tu amiga

Microsoft Bing Translator Results

Wing comes better romi hopefully have wanted to see them saves aver if this year see the papers God willing know nothing of emigration if halga step all same saves would like to divorce but her husband says q has no money hears there is a form of divorce from here not saves halga’s that I would like to know so disagree with the scrub be you saying as I am married alla and tanbien aca q crazy truth jajajajjajajaj When goods here here you have your House take care ok greetings greetings to the chico ok take care see you soon your friend

Langauge Exchange Translator Beats Bing Translator

Yes – we have seen Bing Translator used in professional settings – even a court setting.  Obviously this is not acceptable, professional, trusted or even close to accurate.  There is little or no localization process to put the content into an appropriate culture context, don’t expect humor or metaphors to translate, and the sentences will not flow meaning it will sound awkward and will be difficulty to read.  And, don’t expect register to be taken into consideration.  Register refers to the formality, technicality and difficulty of the speech. An example of high register would be court speech.  An example of  low register would be the simplest language people use.

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