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Website Translations – Communicate Globally

Are you interested in selling products to consumers overseas?  Are you running a non-profit website that needs to be translated for your target audience?  Are you wondering how do you get your marketing materials and website translated accurately and within a budget?  Here are some tips for website translations to get you started.

Reaching out to other countries and cultures opens up a world of potential customers and people to your project.  The translation costs don’t have to be huge. Website translations may run from a few hundred up to a few thousand for a larger e-commerce website.  Be sure to look at your return on investment as it may only take a few customers to recoup the expense.

When you start thinking about your project, keep in mind your budget and start small. First identify the web pages that offer the highest value to your project. These will be the pages that receive the most traffic. Usually this is your home page. To identify your highest visted pages, be sure to use Google Analytics.

Look at your website through the eyes of the “end user”. What pages are most valuable to them. Don’t worry about pages that might have duplicate content or content that isn’t relevant to the country.

Be very particular about who translates your website. The Language Exchange translators are native speakers and understand the market you are targeting. This is especially important if you are reaching out to a younger demographic. And most importantly, never use a computer-generated translation (Google Translate, Bing Translator, etc), also know as machine translation, for website content as it will hurt your project more than it could ever help.

You will also want to keep your content up-to-date for a dynamic website. Our translators are able to work with you every step of the way!