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Education Translations

Education Translations & Interpreting Services at The Language Exchange


Our education translation services have expanded nationally as clients discover our years of experience and unique expertise in education translations, training translations and interpreting services.  We also offer face-to-face and over-the-phone interpreting services for the education industry including school conferences, family events, parent-student meetings, etc.

The Language Exchange has been providing fast, accurate & confidential education translation & interpreting services worldwide since 1986.  We are early and original members of national interpreter and translator associations, and continually update our techniques and knowledge. Our most enduring asset, to meet your requirements are the professional linguists with whom we work.

Consult with us first. Our prices our competitive. We speak YOUR language.

The Language Exchange pre-k, elementary, secondary and higher education and training translation services experience includes:

  • IEP Plans
  • Parent Guides
  • School District Guides
  • School Manuals
  • State Test Instructions
  • Course Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • New Student Orientation
  • School Newsletter

  • School District communiqués

  • School Website Pages
  • School Online Registration Forms
  • School Website Videos – Translated Subtitles
  • Assessments, Testing, Surveys
  • Specialized Instructional Programs
  • Title I and Title II Initiatives
  • Hand-outs, Booklets, Consent and all other Forms
  • Catalogs, Brochures, Newsletters, Videos

Translations in the field of Education that we have completed (since 2007 alone):

Testing and Assessments: Administration of; text of standardized tests; evaluations; summary. For California, Maine and Washington states.

Program Descriptions: Highly Capable, Special Education, Limited English Proficiency and Early Language Learning, Alternative School, Extended Learning, Free and Reduced Food Services; Parent Involvement, Behavioral Health, Disability Service Work Plan, Individualized Education Plans, Child Behavioral Health Services (Intake, Assessment and all connected forms), Intensive English, Individual Service Plans, Head Start programs, Credit Deficiencies and Retrieval

Conferences and Workshops: Horticultural, Education Modules, Farming, Marine Sciences, Head Start, Core Curriculum, Grief Counseling, Education Management Systems, Title II Training, Transitional Bilingual Education,

Career and Technical Academy Programs and Courses, Community College Advertising Brochures, Charter School Introductory Materials, Vision Statements.

K-12 Forms: Referral Forms, 90 Day Review, Truancy, Attendance, Discipline, At-Risk Youth, TB Skin Test Consent, Informed Consent, Learning Compacts, Medical Authorization, Caregiver’s Authorization, Internet Access Consent and Waiver, Biology Science Lab Charge, Notification of Rights, Student Photographs, Request for Records, Transportation Consent, Acceptable Use Regulation(s), Affidavit of Non-Attendance, Participation in Physical Education, Program Evaluation, Parental Consent, Student Discipline, At-Risk Youth Petitions and AFfidavits

Brochures and Flyers: Parental Involvement (Title 1), Danger of Tobacco, School Newsletters, Student Calendars, Parent Letters, Human Reproduction, Community Relations Parental Involvement, Title 1 Information, Migrant Education, Transitional Bilingual Program Information, LEP Programs, Title II Training, Tutor Availability, Tutoring Programs, Learning Pathways, Numeracy Skills

Surveys: Housing, Household, Satisfaction, Need, Preference, Mental Health Services, Class, Teacher, Educational Assistant, Program, Employee

Campus Directional Signs, Video Sub-Titling for College Promotional Campaigns, Community College International Program Brochures

Foreign Diplomas and Transcripts

Class Hand-outs and Booklets (for bilingual and language learning programs), Storybooks

Employee Manuals, Contracts, Complaints, Benefits, Non-Discrimination Statements


Why do clients choose The Language Exchange for education translations, training translations & interpreting needs?

  • Dedicated linguists who are pre-selected professional translators with education translation expertise.
  • Personalized service – Your project is evaluated and your specific project needs are explained immediately.
  • Fast and real-time communication – We understand you have deadlines, and we are committed to excellent customer service.
  • Accuracy – Skillful translations include a natural style of the target language with nothing added or omitted.
  • Web-based secure client portal.
  • Online free quotes within 24 hours:  translation quotes and interpreting services quotes.
 Education Translation Testimonials:

“The quality of work and customer service support that The Language Exchange  provides to our projects is some of the best we have experienced.  Each employee is conscientious of our needs and timeliness, and flexible in working with emergent issues and modifications.  I would provide to any organization interested in contracting for translation services, a complete and unequivocal recommendation for The Language Exchange.  We find the company professional in all project dealings and focused on the needs and objectives of the client.”

Michael M.
Assessment Business Manager
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

“I have found The Language Exchange Inc. to be very customer-oriented, which is critical in order to juggle the multi-lingual needs of a two-county library district.  It is important for us to have accurate translations in order to communicate information about our services to people who are new to this country.  The Language Exchange Inc. has provided translations for us in seven languages, ranging from Spanish to Tagalog.  The translation turnaround time is quick and reliable.”

Mary K.
Community Relations Manager
Sno-Isle Libraries

The Language Exchange regional center is located in Skagit County half-way between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia, a richly linguistically and culturally diverse corridor with ties to China, Japan, southeastern Asia, Russia, eastern Europe and Latin America. With funding from a variety of private and public sector entities including education institutions, we have grown our regional center for meeting language needs in the education & training industry.

Education Translations for Websites – Video Subtitles

The Director of International Programs, Christa Shulz, commented, “Thank you so much for your work on the videos.  We were really pleased with the work.  We shared it with our colleagues at four other schools in which we are members of a consortium with.  They were also pleased with the work and so, as a consortium, we would now like to get a quote on more videos being done in multiple languages.


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