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Maritime Translations

Maritime Translations at The Language Exchange Inc

maritime_translationsSkagit County is home to The Language Exchange Inc, experts in maritime translations, and the home to Skagit Coast shorelines, bays, and islands which are known for their wildlife, views and maritime industry.  The maritime industry in Washington State generated a total of $30 billion in direct, indirect and induced revenues in 2012 and is responsible for over 148,000 workers according to a comprehensive study commissioned by the Economic Development Council of Seattle and King County and the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County with support from the Puget Sound Regional Council.

The Language Exchange:  Extensive Experience, Knowledge and Understanding of the Maritime Translations Process.

Maritime Translations can be challenging because the maritime industry has many specialized words, phrases and acronyms that can be difficult even for native speakers to understand.

The Language Exchange maritime translation services experience includes:

  • Maritime Law
  • Rail-rail
  • Transport
  • Marine Customs
  • Marine Contracts
  • Fisheries
  • Costa Rican Maritime Regulations (and other countries, of course)
  • Boat building
  • Seafoods Processing Industry

The Language Exchange Inc maritime translations are proofed and only done by trained and credentialed translators with experience in marine-related industries. We screen professionals and have established teams for nearly a dozen language pairs specifically for maritime translations. We do translator-proofreader teams and have 27 years experience in Project Management. Our clients don’t have to guess about quality, timeliness or payment. We work face-to-face, over the phone, by email,  and FAX to work with you on your needs.   Based in Washington State, we have local, regional and state contacts for much of our work, and, of course, have been working with teams in other countries as well, based on the target languages.

Maritime Translations Resource

Transport Maritime:  Safety Message Translations

Why do clients choose The Language Exchange for agriculture translation & interpreting needs?

  • Dedicated linguists who are pre-selected professional technical translators with maritime translation expertise.
  • Personalized service – Your project is evaluated and your specific project needs are explained immediately.
  • Fast and real-time communication – We understand you have deadlines, and we are committed to excellent customer service.
  • Accuracy – Skillful translations include a natural style of the target language with nothing added or omitted.
  • Web-based secure client portal.
  • Online free quotes within 24 hours:  translation quotes and interpreting services quotes.

Trusted By:

Northwest Marine Technology, Alaska Ocean Seafood, Trident,  Seaform, a Norwegian processing ship, Russian processing ship equipment, employee handbooks for merchant marines and other work related to fisheries.