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Translation Services

The Language Exchange has been providing fast, accurate & confidential language services worldwide since 1986.

The Language Exchange manages translation projects including  Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates and Transcripts.  The Language Exchange manages translations services for many industries including:


We contract with translators who provide fast and accurate translations in their specialty.  We network with more than 400 professional translators. An experienced Project Manager on staff works with translators and clients locally and internationally.  Every translator has a B.A. or B.S. degree or equivalent and is accredited by the American Translator Association (ATA) or has similar certification in order to contract with us.

To ensure accuracy and consistency of style and usage, all translations go through a careful review process. Professional linguists with whom we contract re-check translations with the original to ensure that the final product is an error-free, linguistically and semantically sound version of the original material.

Since we first opened our doors in 1986, the Language Exchange has worked with professional linguists who have produced thousands of translations of the highest quality.

Legal Translators

 Legal translation services will be of special interest to those who are conducting business with companies around the world. Legal translators are specifically certified to translate legal documents of every description including Birth and Marriage Certificates along with Immigration Documents. These translators provide accurate, professional translation for courts and attorneys as well as other government, judicial and law enforcement agencies.

The Language Exchange works with a phenomenal certified attorney-translator who educates everyone about Spanish translations provided by (for example) school districts.  Read more about Plain English and Written Translations.

How to Choose a Translation Vendor

If you are in the process of choosing a translation vendor, review this excellent guide by the American Translators Association (ATA): How To Choose A Translation Vendor:  9 Tips To A Successful Experience and then be sure to contact The Language Exchange Inc!  If you are considering having your bilingual employee translate, be sure to read this blog post first!

Printable Translation Brochure 

The Language Exchange works with a wide variety of clients and industries.  The following is an example of a Seattle Chinese translation project completed for the City of Seattle Department of Transportation.  You will find this map posted around these areas in Seattle.  Click map to enlarge.


The Language Exchange is a boutique and specialized translation agency with nearly three decades of expertise. Serving both private and public sector clients in many industries, the professional ties between our project managers and trained, certified linguists are strong and resilient.

Located along the Pacific Coast Corridor between Vancouver British Columbia and Portland, Oregon, our area is rich in linguistic and cultural diversity as our region continues to expand and deepen. We are early and original members of national interpreter and translator associations, and continually update our techniques and knowledge. Our most enduring asset, to meet your requirements are the professional linguists with whom we work.

Consult with us first. Our prices our competitive. We speak YOUR language.

To find out more about how the Language Exchange can help you with your translation project, please call 360-755-9910, e-mail us at, or request a free quote online.